I saw on my twitter feed this morning that Columbia has legalised same sex marriage. Fabulous! The more countries that do the better. Every country should fight for equality for it’s people. That list of countries is growing slowly with The Netherlands heading the list as they so regularly do. The list below was obtained from the Time website.

The Netherlands (2000)
Belgium (2003)
Canada (2005)
Spain (2005)
South Africa (2006)
Norway (2009)
Sweden (2009)
Argentina (2010)
Iceland (2010)
Portugal (2010)
Denmark (2012)
Brazil (2013)
England and Wales (2013)
France (2013)
New Zealand (2013)
Uruguay (2013)
Luxembourg (2014)
Scotland (2014)
Finland: (signed 2015, effective 2017)
Ireland: (2015)
USA: (2015)

Gay Pride Rainbow Flag

Sadly, Australia is still not on this list despite the fact that Fairfax polls show that 68% of Australians support same sex marriage. That percentage is still growing and showing no signs of slowing. Supporters for same sex marriage had the majority as far back as 2010 when the percentage was 57%. During the period that we had our first atheist & female prime minister Julia Gillard, she chose to tow the party line voting against a same sex marriage bill in 2012 rather than adhering to the majority public preference. Since then, when she was able to make real a difference she has reversed her position on same sex marriage.

Now we find ourselves with a conservative government who has very little interest in making same sex marriage a reality. Instead of pushing it through parliament as they could very easily do with very little fuss, they are promising a plebiscite costing $525 million should they get voted in during the next election. The plebiscite, which is entirely unnecessary because same sex marriage holds majority favour in parliament just as it does in public polls. Something that can also not be underestimated is the impact on mental health on the LGBTQI community as negative campaigns are launched on behalf of organisations such as the Australian Christian Lobby who are adverse to same sex marriage.

It is time our government acted in the interests of the people of Australia instead of their own. Australian people want same sex marriage, and rather than wasting $525 million on funding a plebiscite and causing unnecessary stress on the LGBTQI community, they should be doing what is fair and end the discrimination against same sex couples now. They need to stop playing politics on such an important issue, using it as a begrudging election promise which may never come to fruition because of public pressure rather than giving the Australian public the respect it deserves.