I was just part of a conversation on twitter where a Christian who going by the gun banner and anti democrat comments is a right wing Christian as they so often are. Bear with me, I am trying to paint a picture here. Most Christians are peace loving and try to do their best to live a life without sin and for the most part I think that is true. Occasionally however (OK more than occasionally) I come across one on twitter who bucks that social norm. Sometimes they come across as very aggressive and the exact opposite of what you would expect a Christian to be.

As a passive atheist who abhors violence I found this series of tweets rather horrifying to read.
(Edit: I had to add a screenshot as his account has been suspended and his tweets are no longer available)

RagingRob1985 - Rob Kinnison Tweet


Wait what? This guy, who believes in heaven, is quite happy to sit up there in that magical place all the while knowing his loved ones are burning in hell. How is that all a Christian attitude?

As an atheist and someone who hates violence, just the concept of hell is abhorrent let alone being satisfied for any of my loved ones to be in there. How does anyone not find that completely horrible? You would think (should such a place exist) being happy for your loved ones to be in hell would be enough to land you there as well!

So I decide to dig deeper into this guys timeline and right at the top I find these lovely tweets. I am using a screenshot of this one because I don’t think it is fair to propagate likely stolen or faked images of celebrities. A word of warning, there are some not safe for work images and words below.

twitter tweet

And it goes on. I scroll down further and find some more gems from this delightful soul.

RagingRob1985 Nude tweet

It seems this guy thinks he can do just about anything he wants and be forgiven by God.

RagingRob1985 tweets

What delightfully charming and Christian behaviour. It seems he is also a troll. For those of you who haven’t come across an internet troll before, they are people who love annoy people on the internet just for the fun of it. How that could possibly be fun I will never understand.

But it is OK, because he is a Christian, he will be forgiven.

Before I go on, I do have to mention that I did check out his YouTube profile to make sure he was indeed a Christian, and not only a troll. He is, and quite proudly admits it. I also had the unfortunate opportunity to witness him comment on some poor lady walking past, while doing a really long winded video about nothing in particular. I think he was trying to make himself feel better about the fact he only had 310 subscribers.

Anyway, I digress. Is this why Christians cling so hard to their beliefs? It makes them feel better about their “sins” as a human being? What is it about certain people that it seems they need a belief. I have had someone claim on twitter that I was evil simply for the fact I did not believe in god. Not accepting god for this person is apparently an evil act. I will not share these tweets as I suspect this particular person is a child. If so, how sad that this child is so deeply indoctrinated that he feels the need to call atheists evil simply for the fact that they lack belief in their God.

I have had people who know me, people who I have conversed with over the internet over the course of years, or even in person react in a way that indicates they are totally horrified I don’t believe in God. In person they often look at me as if I worship Satan. I guess perhaps they fail to realise that being an atheist, it is not just God I don’t believe in. I also don’t believe in Satan.

To one lady who I had known via the internet for several years, when I admitted I was atheist, she asked me what I thought the voice in my head was that told me right from wrong? Well I assumed she meant and told her that was my conscience. She proceeded to ask who I thought that voice was, presumably because she thought I should answer God. I told her well that is me, my own thoughts. She seemed quite flabbergasted by this. I would hope but out of politeness did not say, that any voices she hears in her head are her own conscience because otherwise it would be wise to seek medical advice.

When I hear these dogmatic attitudes that show clear ignorance of other beliefs and attitudes I feel very grateful that I was raised by atheist parents. They were not concerned when I told them I was interested in Christianity at the age of 13. At the time I felt a bit out of place because all my friends had been raised in Christian families. I had received a small bible at school and decided to read it. What I found was a lot of guilt, a lot of emphasis on sin, a lot of brutal and senseless stories that had no relevance to me, and the supposed sin I had inherited from Adam and Eve. Even at the tender age of 13, this did not make a lot of sense to me. As soon as I let it go I felt so much more like myself, and better about myself. The guilt was gone.

It saddens me that so many Christians believe you need a god for morals. I have lived an ethical, good, compassionate and normal life. No different to most people. I have deep empathy and will do a lot to help a friend. Why would god require belief in him to be accepted into heaven, particularly when there has been absolutely no evidence of a God. There has only been evidence to the contrary. How is a God threatening hell a loving God? Threatening hell for lack of belief is blackmail. It is not the mark of a loving god.

I suppose I am saying is, I wish there weren’t so many people who judge you based on your beliefs. Far wiser would it be to judge people on their actions. The actions of the man in the tweets listed in this article, is not the actions of someone I would want to associate with, simply because he seems a mean, angry and bitter person, not a kind and compassionate one. I sincerely hope he is just a little lost.

Update 8 Nov 2015:

I have since learned that the Jennifer Lawrence tweets are a result of click baiting. To be fair I felt it important to acknowledge this. I was informed by a fellow Atheist that clicking on the links brings a popup asking for twitter verification. It requests permission to post on your timeline. It seems yesterday he did this twice, and today another three times!



It seems this charming fellow does not learn from mistakes. He thinks he was hacked, but it seems more like click baiting in this instance. Since yesterday there has been more trolling on his timeline with some crude comments towards a woman. He seems to be rather an angry man. I have since been blocked but that doesn’t stop him from leaving my user id in his tweets and clicking from behind the block. It seems this man needs more than belief in God to form morals, has his faith is failing him greatly in that area.